January 03, 2013

Carpet was stretched in two rooms and a hallway. Carpet cleaning service was performed on 4 bedrooms, a hallway and a set of steps.
Member Comments:

Junior and AJ arrived within their scheduled window and got to work immediately. AJ assess the carpet and provided me with an estimate for stretching the Master bedroom, a secondary bedroom and the adjoining hallway. Junior took the measurements of each room provided me with the total square footage and a breakdown per room (just in case I wanted to use a different service in each room).

Junior and I discussed in detail the differences between the services and he helped me make a decision on the best service for the carpet. Both Junior and AJ were very honest in communicating the expected outcome. They actually underplayed the results. The carpet was a mess and besides the paint stains (from a messy painter) the final result is better than I could have imagined.

I was planning on getting the carpet on my first floor replaced but I am now considering letting them clean it instead. They really bought the carpet back to life.

I want to sincerely thank AJ and Junior of Excellent Carpet Cleaning for a job well done.

In the past, I have suffered from the attack of the returning stains, creeping up from the abyss. I will check back and provide an update in six months.