What are soil filtration lines?

Soil filtration lines are dark soiled areas that develop gradually on carpet. They are most common around the edges of a room next to a wall, under floor length draperies and under doors.

What causes these lines to appear on my carpets?

The soiling is caused by the passage of air through or across the carpet. Air carries microscopic particles of dirt, dust and soot. As air passes over the carpet, these soil particles settle and become embedded in the carpet yarns. In areas where the air flows over the carpet more rapidly than normal, the carpet acts as a filter, extracting the soil particles from the air. The soil id very fine and can penetrate deeply into the yarns.

How can I get rid of these lines?

Special techniques by a professional carpet cleaner are usually required to improve the appearance of soil filtration lines. Unfortunately, discoloration cannot always be removed completely. The degree of removal depends on the amount and type of soil, length of time the soil has accumulated, amount of air flow, color of carpet and type of fiber. However, in severe cases, especially on light colored carpets, traces may remain after cleaning. It is usually very difficult to remove filtration soiling completely from wool or olefin carpets.

Our Process and Pricing

  • Apply Specialized Filtration Soil Product along all affected areas
  • Brush and work product into the fibers
  • Steam Extraction with Specialty Edge Tool

$1.25-$1.75 per linear Ft.

Some Pricing will be given as a flat rate based upon job.Stairs will be charged based on condition ranging from $50-$100 per flight.