Tired of dirty grout?

Tired of not being able to get your floor super clean with a mop and a bucket? Wish you could find someone that could really get your grout clean? To get your tile & grout squeaky clean use our new Ceramic Tile Cleaning & Sealing System.

New technology allows us to use truck-mounted hot water extraction system on your tile and grout that will get maximum soil removal and maximum stain removal without leaving any sticky residues behind. Our top quality cleaning products will go to work on your floor, then, our truck-mounted hot water extraction rinsing will whisk away the dissolved dirt, grease, and spots!

The old days of mops and tooth brushes are gone forever!!! The HOT water (200°+) flushes out more dirt than a mop and bucket ever could, and there’s no more worries about the sticky dirt attracting residue that a mop leaves behind. Our new technology allows us to clean your tile & grout with highly pressurized hot water with complete control and removal for The Most Though Clean Ever!!!!!

Tile & Grout Cleaning Process

  • Inspect tile & grout for existing damage, cracks, loose grouting etc…
  • Determine the type of tile in order to select proper cleaning agent.
  • Move furniture as necessary to enable open work space.
  • Pre-treat flooring with solution that will dwell for 5-10 minutes emulsifying soils in porous tile and grout lines.
  • We will power-wash the floors using a high pressure hard surface cleaning tool. During this stage were rinsing flooring with a neutralizing agent to remove residues and extracting existing soils.
  • An air mover will be placed in the room to accelerate drying time.

Our Minimum Service Charge is $175.00
Tile and grout cleaning ranges between $.80 and $1.25 per square foot based on the condition and type of tile and grout.

Sealing ranges between: $.45 and $.80 per square foot based on number of applications

Bathrooms & Showers are usually charged at a Flat rate price scale

Tile & Grout Pricing