Upholstery Cleaning

While a regular vacuuming of your upholstery keeps it looking fresh and clean, sometimes the fabric can get dull and lifeless. If you want your furniture to gleam like new, leave the deep cleaning to us – the upholstery -cleaning professionals!

Soiling can accumulate rather quickly on upholstery through use. It’s transferred to the fabric from clothing, body perspiration and items placed on it, such as newspaper, food and drinks. Dust also settles on upholstery, along with airborne soils containing cooking fats or cigarette smoke. Many of these soils are tacky and will hold the dust to the fabric. In fact, the closer your upholstery is to the kitchen, the tackier the dust becomes and thus more harmful to the fabric. Combine that with the exposure of pet dander, dust mite accumulation and every day use, consumer groups therefore recommend cleaning at least every 12-24 months. If cleaning is postponed any length of time, fabric and colors can begin to dull, and the original appearance becomes more difficult to restore, shortening the life of the upholstery considerably.

We use only the finest, environmentally friendly products to give your cherished furniture pieces new life.
Our upholstery-cleaning expert will see to it that stains, spills, and dirt from use is removed without damaging your fine fabrics.


  1. We’ll check for pre-existing damage (l, fading, dye stains, etc.) and we’ll inform you of any special conditions, which may impact our cleaning
  2. We will groom fabric by removing lint and pet hair (complete removal may not be achievable in some instances).
  3. Pre-vacuum completely in between cushions and crevices.
  4. Apply compatible solution for particular fabric to remove body oils, built up soil, allergens and foreign matter.
  5. Rinse out cleaning agent with a neutralizing product to remove residues.
  6. Replace cushions in upright position, spread apart for good air circulation.
  7. FYI, depending on the fabric – drying times may vary.


Our Minimum Service Charge is $175.00